we are creating a collection of the best places in London, will your business make the cut?

  • We want the best and most interesting places on hollabox, so if we’ve been in touch...well you should be flattered! You’re doing an amazing job showing how awesome your business is.


    But now we want to shout about it too! And honestly? It couldn’t be easier for you. We simply send one of our content collectors to your establishment, and we use smartphone video to film what’s happening right there and then! We’ll be sure to show off all the cool things you offer, whether it’s that one of a kind drink, live music or today’s special… we want to show your unique and exciting offering to the rest of London!


    We then take the footage, edit, and wrap it all up onto our app...and the best thing? It’s O% effort from you! Just let us in, share some stories or good tips for filming at your place, then let us work some 5 minute magic. Hollabox guarantees to be rewarding, hassle-free and a great opportunity to market yourselves to some new local customers.

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