• Hollabox Influencer Community

    Thank you for opting to join our growing community of amazing influencers. Hollabox is the future of how the world will review and do new experiences; all through video and stories told by people enjoying an experience for themselves. The tripadvisor for the world of 2018.

  • How are you part of the Journey?

    You are amongst an exclusive, carefully selected, closed community of individuals, head hunted because of your amazing creative eye, thirst for new experiences and powerful persona and style that comes across in your work. London has some of the worlds greatest restaurants and experiences to offer, and who better to tell the stories and share the wisdom of these places than the capitals top influencers!


    Over the coming year, more and more traveling millennials and tourists to this great city will come to hollabox looking for things to do and start making memories. It will be your content and your experiences that starts that adventure for them.

    What does this content look like?

    So you’re already out and about, exploring the city and uncovering its amazing array of restaurants, bars, cafes and unique activities. So keep doing that!

    Becoming part of the hollabox community just means sharing each of those experiences with the rest of the world... But through video.

    The style of video on the platform is very similar to what you’ll see on snapchat or instagram stories. There’s no formula for a hollabox story. You have your own style and visual eye, and you will be visiting places that we’ve probably not even heard of. We have confidence that you will uniquely and creatively capture the essence and exciting things about the place you’re visiting. If you like a tip or two, it helps to think...

    • Why would my friends think this experience is cool?
    • Why should I bring my friends here?
    • Why should other people visit, eat this or try this?
    • How has the experience made you feel?

    We want you to tell your story through video, with free rain of how you tell it. Show off the food, talk to chefs, talk to the camera yourself and film via selfie mode if you want. This is your story... so write it your way.

  • So how does the process work?

    So you’re probably wondering how to do this. Well we’ve tried to make it as simple as possible for you. As we grow and develop, this process will get faster and easier.


    Take a video

    Using the Instagram stories camera


    Add your opinion

    Add a text block in each clip to include your brief comments and description


    Save to videos

    Save the annotated video to your library


    Send to us

    Send the content on Whatsapp to: 07543468795

  • Other key information

    Whilst there is lots of freedom in how you tell your story, there are some restrictions.

    • We only accept content in a vertical format.

    • Keep clips between 10 - 20 seconds. We encourage several video clips to make

      up a “story”. Each clip length can vary and be to your choice. You’ll be familiar with how

      to create stories on instagram, so use this if you need any guidance

    • At the end of month, we will ask for you to confirm how many stories you’ve sent through

      to us and we will remunerate according to your chosen option, option 1 or option 2.

    • When sending content to us, remember to tell us the name of the venue and its location - and your name so we can credit you.

    For any problems as part of the community, your contact is Adam. Adam can be reached at

    adam@hollabox.com or more directly on 07790207023.

    We’re proud to have you involved and look forward to seeing your amazing stories!

  • “Share your life with others. You will have a joyful life.”

    ― Lailah Gifty Akita

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